we have nearly 15 years of experience in the European and domestic market for health, safety and hygiene products

Our Vision

To provide more advanced products to maintain health, safety and hygiene in the workplace

To deliver maximum value to our customers

To deliver our products to customers where they need them and when they need them

Our Value

Leadership: We aim in comprehensive prevention solutions to be a leader in the field of floor matting in health, safety, and hygiene with the support of our European factories

Safety: Safety is at the forefront of every decision – workers or the end user cannot be effective if they worry about their safety

Our Mission

We will be the smartest choice for companies and individuals who care about health, safety and hygiene because we offer products that add real value.

Our Philosophy

We totally focus on customer satisfaction. We are constantly increasing our products, knowledge, value, selection and service. We are passionate about customer relationships. We believe in a long-term commitment.

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